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Best Way to Get Rid of Dandelions in My Lawn

Best Way to Get Rid of Dandelions in My Lawn

One of the best things about the spring season is the breathtaking blooms around the corner. Besides, you will also love the warm rays of the sun and blue skies. However, that beautiful moment can be ruined when you a lot of dandelions on your lawn.

During spring, the bright yellow color of dandelion flowers can add life to your lawn. Well, they are pretty and look like a bouquet of sunshine.

However, don’t get tricked by their golden yellow hue. Once these flowers mature, they will turn into white puffballs. When released to the wind, each fluffy seed will become another dandelion. It’s a cycle that can destruct your lawn.

So, how do you really eliminate dandelions? The good news is that there are plenty of ways to do it. Choose from the following options which you think will work best on your situation:

Some Ways to Get Rid of Dandelions

Remove the Heads

In case you have no time digging down the roots of the dandelions to remove them permanently, then you can simply pluck them by the heads. This method is ideal if you only have a few of them.

Do this method once to twice a week. Before they mature, you need to ensure that you remove the heads. This helps in preventing them from spreading quickly.

Block Out the Source of Light

Dandelions are among the weeds that love the sun. So, get rid of them in your lawn, simply block their access to the sun. You can do this smothering them with the use of cardboard or small dark bag.

While you are smothering the dandelions, make sure that you are not covering the small patches of your grass. While you need to spend a couple of hours to cover all of them, especially if they are on a fair number, this method is effective.

Use Corn Gluten Meal

The Corn Gluten Meal is known as the “pre-emergent herbicide”. This product is ideal to be spread in your lawn before the growing cycle of the dandelions begins. It is effective in preventing the seeds from taking root in the first place.

One of the best things about this method is that it is environmentally friendly. Since it is effective for 5-6 weeks, you need to reapply it repetitively during its growing season.

Pour Boiling Water

Boiling water is harmful to dandelions. If you want the dandelions to wilt and die in a matter of two or three days, pouring boiling water over each of them several times a day will help. Make sure to be extra careful while doing it to avoid accidents.

Use Weed Burner

The use of a weed burner is another way to kill dandelions. This small blowtorch is designed to burn and destroy dandelions with fire. Be aware of operating it carefully as it can also be damaging to the grass surrounding them.

Sprinkle Salt

Sometimes, you just need to roam around your kitchen, and you will find an effective ingredient to eliminate annoying weeds like dandelions. Too much salt is good for your health, and that also applies to dandelions.

Just sprinkle a little salt on the heads of dandelions. It takes about one or two days before they wilt and die. Be careful to apply salt as it may harm the neighboring plants as well.

Spray Vinegar

Spray Vinegar

Vinegar is another household item that can help you get rid of dandelions in your lawn. In a spray bottle, add some regular white vinegar. Spray it directly on the weeds. Other than direct spraying, you can also try spraying the dandelions holes after plucking them out by roots.

Apply Grass Seed

Having a healthy lawn is another effective method to get rid of dandelions. Apply some grass seed on the patches where you want thick grass. To improve your lawn’s health, you can use mulch.

Healthy soil is not good for dandelions, and a thick lawn will choke them out. Besides, nutrient-rich soil can deprive the environment where dandelions thrive. After all, this method is beneficial to your lawn while eliminating weeds.

While dandelion flowers might be attractive at first, they will become frustrating as they spread around your lawn. So, consider the above tips to get rid of them.

You can get rid of dandelions in your lawn using chemical killers.

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